Moving plants from one room to another in 1 step.

By far the easiest way to move plants in the app would be to click on the plant. Why is this not an option? I know there is another way, but it isn't obvious or easy. Please add this option and it's SO frustrating to try to move one or two plants in bloom when I have to look up the multi step directions every time instead of just moving the plant while I'm looking right at it.

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3 answers

  • Hey MandyM,

    Thanks for letting us know about frustraition. You are correct. We will get the ability to easily move single plants on the next update cycle for the mobile versions and we will get an update out for the desktop versions as well. Thanks for the feedback. 

    • did ya?? hassle doing it now

      high5   Sep 27th 2017
  • I'm having the same problem.  What is this 'other way' (multistep approach) so I can move a subset of plants from one crop into another room?

  • Here is the video on their youtube page how to move a plant from crop to crop.

    • I'm looking to move some plants from a crop into another room without creating a new crop. Is that even possible?

      Squeaky Bones   Mar 12th 2018
    • Plants have to go from one crop to another crop. A crop is just a way to manage a group of plants.

      StickyFingers   Mar 13th 2018
    • I want it to stay in 1 crop. I just want the crop split between 2 rooms.

      I could create a new crop but really it would have to be a clone of the crop with all back records maintained (like feedings). I found that if I create a new crop and move only the plants I want in the new crop in the other room, I loose my records for the moved plants. Not an acceptable solution.

      An alternate solution would be a feature that gave an option to create a clone of the crop when moving plants between crops.

      Squeaky Bones   Mar 18th 2018
    • I get what you are saying. Ya the details are attached to the crop and the information does not follow plants when they move. It would be nice if that did follow the plants.

      StickyFingers   Mar 19th 2018

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