Fan leaves yellowing

Hi guys. This is my first case. My plants were going really good but some days ago the fan leaves are turning yellow. They are Think big autofems from Dutch Passion . They are on their week 10 of 14.


Thx in advance for your help.

  • Thx @farmerman421 I think I'm going to run a pH test

    toll_katze   May 06th 2017
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2 answers

  • Sorry I forgot the pics


  • To a certain extent this is normal during the second half of flowering as most of the nutes are going into the buds.  You can try adding a tiny bit of bud booster with high P and K.  If that is the problem then it the extra nutes will slow down or prevent more yellowing from happening.  But its not uncommon to lose the big fan leaves by the end of flowering.  Just pull them off once they die.

    • Also you could have nutes too high and need a flush to stop lockout of overnutrients. This will actually allow the plants to start feeding again. You can also get a run off sample and test the EC and pH if you have probes.

      Farmerman421   May 06th 2017

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