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What looks like is going on here with Curly? She's a freebie seed from Nirvana so I don't know the strain. This started about two weeks ago. Fed her and it got worse. Compared to the photos I found online and thought it might be Mg deficiency so got some Epsom salts, and tried that last week, it advanced dramatically this week! She is looking like one hurting unit. No other plants are bothered. In fact, I think the last feeding was a bit heavy as I see a little nute burn on the tips of two plants. Other than that everyone else looks great. I did just add a second 300w LED to my tent (looking to improve things for next grow). First grow, first everything. Made lots of mistakes, but have kept good notes and am learning a lot. This one came up relatively fast.

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2 answers

  • It looks like you have multiple issues affecting your plant. Hard to say but I would say calcium because it is affecting the new/top growth which is a sign of an immoble nutrient. The growing tips are dying. From you nutrient schedule it looks like you have plenty of calcium with your cal/mag but you have not recorded what you feed with everytime so its hard to say. In week 4 of flower, you start to see the plants want more calcium and a lot more P/K during week 5 and 6. 

    Maybe you have an imbalance. Test your runoff to see what the EC and pH are. To do this place a clean catch basin under the plant to collect the runoff. Irrigate plants with distilled water 1 hour before testing. Water slowly until runoff appears. You want to see just a little runoff so you know it is completely saturated.  After an hour slowly add enough distilled water until 50 ml of runoff can be collected. Do not over water to force the sample runoff, you need to go slow. Then measure the ph and EC. 

    Post your results and we will go from there. 

    • Thanks. I will do this when I return from my trip on Tuesday.

      BrainPain   Jun 03th 2017
  • Hotbox slufur vaporiser good for pest control 

    • There are no pests. It there were I would see it on the other plants. It's an indoor grow. Also, I'm a new grower and I can look this up, but without doing so, I honestly have no idea what you're talking about here.

      BrainPain   Jun 03th 2017

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