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Hey guys im new to this forum. I live in south Spain, this is my first grow. I planted 2 MK ultra seeds on the 24th of May (after germinating between two wet paper towels). Yetserday i began to feed them 1ml/l of Cannaboom boomrapid (you probably dont know it as it is Spanish and very unknown) and i use very cheap claimed to be fertilized soil. My plants are now 14 days in the soil and im wondering if they shouldnt be bigger by now (growing outdoor). Thanks guys.

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1 answer

  • Hey Vega from Spain!

    Seed can take it little time to take off. Load up your garden info into growbuddy and you can post it from the app so we can see your nutrients to help you along with your grow. What kind of light are they under?

    • Im growing outdoor as I already wrote (under sun light :-)). I cant upload my garden somehow, so here are the nutrient specs:

      for veg (today is the first day of veg I think): Cannaboom Boomrapid NPK 12-5-10. I feed every other day 1ml/L.

      Thanks for your reply!

      vegafunky   Jun 07th 2017
    • Ha, you're right you did say outside. I missed that. You can share your crop from the journal by clicking into the crop and clicking the ask a question button. It will upload all the details with that crop. Based off of that it looks like you are shy on Pottasium. I would look for something like 12-5-20

      WaterMeDry   Jun 07th 2017
    • Ok I will try to upload tomorrow since it's pretty late here. Is the extra pottasium really necessary? Can I mix some of my flowering nutrients with my veg nutrients because it has more pottasium and phosphorus?

      vegafunky   Jun 07th 2017
    • By the way, I noticed my plants started growing faster then normal since yesterday.

      vegafunky   Jun 07th 2017
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