Problem? K or malnutrition?

Good evening everybody, i'm pretty concerned about this gal, the problem are going for almost a month now, probably more.

It started with lower leaves decoloring to a brown/yellow that i thought i cured (but now i think i don't), then i think i messed things up by givin' them way too much nutrient, and now i'm in the situation u can see from the photos.

I started like this:

- 4ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Bloom".

- 4ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Grow".

- 4ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Micro".

Then i messed up for 2/3 times:

- 4ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Bloom".

- 4ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Grow".

- 4ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Micro".

- 2ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients Bud Blood". NPK 0-10-6

- 2ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients Sensi Cal MAG Xtra". NPK 4-0-0

After that i thought i had a P or K nutrition deficencies, so i've gone like this:

- 4ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Bloom".

- 4ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Grow".

- 4ml/lt of "Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Micro".

- 2ml/lt of "Atami Bio-Bloombastic". NPK 0-9-12

And here i am, i checked the PH of dropped water and it is 6.25-6.75 with a starting PH in the bottle of 6.50-6.75.

Now my leaves show burned tip and at the top leaf are completely ruined.

What do u think? Overnutrition? or i still treat the K deficency?


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2 answers

  • Bummer to hear you are having this problem. First off I would lollipop or cut away the bottom half of your plant. All those small buds and larf is not going to produce anything and you should let the plant focus its energy on the top bud production. Plus trimming that stuff sucks. Trust me it will not hurt your yields, it will make them better.

    What is the EC coming out of your run off? Try and get only a little run off when testing it. It looks like you are following their feeding schedule and you don't need to adjust the ph with that line. Maybe it is something with your environment. How close are your plants to the light? What is your temp/humidity hi/lows? How often are you feeding and how much? Are you letting the soil dry out? Does it seem like your plants are not drinking as fast anymore? 

    • Hi! Thank you for the reply! Actually i don't have EC Tester! Environment: GrowBox 60x60x180cm CFL 150W, ventilation inside + outside Top of plants are 10cm from bulb Temp: 25/27 degrees celsius Humidiy: 50% Feeding every 3/4 days checking the right time by sticking a finger in the soil to see if it's still wet 1/3 plants drink very slow (PH6.75, plant with less problem), 2/3 plants seems to drink right (PH6.25, plants with more problem)

      pinocchio87   Jun 14th 2017
    • Just notices, that one of the plants (the worst one), is turning pale green....the other two don't seem to have the same problem, the "main" stem started just now to be a real light green and a lot of leaf are going to fuck.... Really concerned here..

      pinocchio87   Jun 14th 2017
    • I dont think it has to do with the nutrients but some other issue. Could be a problem with the roots or a bacterial infection. Your plants should be drinking every other day if you are watering to run off. Once they are damaged they dont really come back.

      WaterMeDry   Jun 15th 2017
  • I agree with WaterMeDry. It the plants have stopped drinking you have a root zone issue. Did you ever flush during the grow? Imo you are feeding to heavy and got a build up of nutes. Next run drop your nutes by 25%. You can always feed more. 

    Is the plant that looks the worst closest to the light?

    • Hi smokegirl, thanks you for your opinion, the plants haven't stopped drinking, they ask me for water every 3/4 days, I haven't flushed 'em, never since yesterday, I'll keep them nutrients free for the last weeks of their lives. The plant that look worst isn't the closest to light, I placed a net so they are all almost at the same distance from. the light.

      pinocchio87   Jun 17th 2017

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