rate of stretch in flower. decides veg time

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2 answers

  • The "stretch" as cannabis growers call it can easily be controlled or tuned down by controlling three things, water, nitrogen source, and specifically your DIF (difference in fahrenheit). This is control mechanism for internode length.

    For example:

    Positive DIF: day 75, night 65   This is a +10 DIF and will create longer internodes

    Neutral DIF: day 75, night 75   This is typically a baseline used for controls in experiments and trials

    Negative DIF: day 70, night 75    This is a -5 DIF and will create shorter internode lengths


    If you are having issues with stretch, always of course look at what form of Nitrogen you are using and your values of such.

    Water will always be the ultimate control mechanism, if you have a plant that is growing out of control.....drought train it and MAKE it stop.

    And of course, when you have the ability, being able to control you DIF can produce amazing results, when I run a True OG cultivar (cv.) that I keep around it is notorious for jumping like crazy, I usually see this if I mix multiple cv. in the same room. When I start them by themselves I will, for the first two weeks, give them a negative DIF, switch to spoon feeding ammoniacal nitrogen and ditching the nitrate.

    Simple rule of thumb: Nitrate grows, ammonium slows.

    • Also, if you have a hard "stretcher" cut it back hard 2 days before you flip them into flower, or practice a better physical training program.

      GizmoJitsu   Jan 20th 2018
  • Just remember, it's better to have some extra room than to need it. Training can really help here too, get that girl nice and bushy! 

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