Where did my entries go?

I moved some plants from my cloning crop to my outdoor veg and those plants and data seem to have gone away.  Is there any way to undo?

  • Hi jackspace,

    Can you tell me which data went away? (Was it feedings, notes, tasks?) I'd be more than happy to look into it for you.

    You can also reach out to us at www.growbuddy.com and click on the green support icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to open a support ticket with us.

    GB-Admin   Aug 01th 2017
  • Howdy, The whole plant records seem to have stopped on July 27th. I can see them in HISTORY when I display deleted entries. I try to EDIT PLANTS from that screen on the 27th and it says the plants may have already been moved to a different crop.

    Wherever they are, I just want them back so I don't have to retype everything. The notes and photos are all there. Just that Gb thinks these plants have been harvested or deleted (but heym at least they are thriving in real life). :(

    Thanks, J-space

    jackspace   Aug 04th 2017
  • Hi Jackspace,

    Sorry for not getting back to you quicker, I didn't see this comment. Are you talking about the feedings, crop photos, and crop notes not showing up for those plants?

    GB-Admin   Aug 10th 2017
  • How do I bring these plant records 'back to life' without having to enter everything in again?

    The data is all there it is just a matter of me no longer being able to add any additional data to these plants and records including new photos of which I have many. I am unable to enter any new information in these records because these are deemed by GB as plants that have already been harvested. How do I get them out of harvest and back into among the living without reentering everything?

    jackspace   Aug 10th 2017
  • Hi Jackspace,

    I just noticed a new bug on the desktop app that prevents you from moving those back from harvest. We are looking into it now and will release a new update here soon! Once the new update is in place, you can click on the Dry/Cure tab to see your harvested plants. From there, you click on the crop. Then on the Details tab. This will allow you to edit the plants and remove the Harvest date.

    GB-Admin   Aug 11th 2017
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