Entering daily water chemistry using Lucas Formula?

I'm new to Grow Buddy app and I'm trying to figure out the best way to enter my daily water chemistry values (EC, pH, Temp) for each of my bubble buckets (each has 1 plant).  Each 5 gallon bucket has a total of 3 gallons of water for 1 plant and I'm using the advanced LUCAS FORMULA, No Res Change Method and topping off each bucket daily to maintain the 3 gallon level in each bucket.  Since I'm incrementally adding Nutes every couple of days to maintain or slowly increase EC levels over time I want to make sure I understand how to properly record the water and nutes additions for each bucket in my 2 bucket Crop.  This is my first grow so I'm learning everything from the ground up.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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2 answers

  • The watering tab lets you do that for each plant. You can enter the PPM or EC and also the water temp and room temp. There is also a notes section in the water part where you  can write any info. And you can put in a nutrient schedule or just use the add nutrients button to log all of that

  • Im having issues watering each individual plant. I use DWC bubble, When I water each plant the program only saves one of the entries. If I water the crop grouped, It is fine. Just not individual. What am I doing wrong?

    • So you are going through and watering each plant individually and only one of those watering is showing up in the feedings tab?

      StickyFingers   May 22th 2018
    • I Am going through and watering each plant individually. And only one will show the feeding.

      MTHigh   May 23th 2018
    • Oh yeah same here, must be a bug.

      StickyFingers   May 24th 2018
    • Since it is a bug you can seperate the plants into individual crops and record it that way.

      StickyFingers   May 24th 2018
    • Damn! Why didn't I think of that? LOL Thank you StickyFingers.

      MTHigh   May 24th 2018

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