Hydro and coco in the same tent

I have a tent generously big enough for 4 plants (probably 6). I only have equipment for 2 hydros. I'm considering doing 2 dws and 2 coco in the same tent. Are there downsides to doing this? Will there be lighting conflicts with on/off timing or anything else I should consider? My seeds are autos.

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1 answer

  • I think you will be fine. You should be able to feed the same nutes too. The only thing I can think of is that the coco will attract a lot of gnats and give other bugs a place to live compaired to your DWC. Just keep it extra clean.  

    • You weren't kidding about the gnats. Holy shit! I put a home brew (apple cider vinegar and dish soap) trap in the tent. We'll see.

      muffybunny   Aug 22th 2017
    • Use a piece of cardboard cut to your pot size to cover the coco so the bugs cant get to it. Also fans with those yellow sticky paper traps seems to always get the job done for me. Be careful because if they get inside your DWC buckets they die in there and get all tangled in the roots.

      lithinized   Aug 25th 2017

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