Why are my "Flower" plants still showing veg?

I can't harvest on the app or PC program because my plants are not orange or showing that they're in flower although the flower date is showing July 3, 2017. I have harvested two days ago and want to move them to the dry/cure section. Help please, TIA!

  • Are you having the same problem as this guy?


    StickyFingers   Aug 23th 2017
  • Yes I believe that I might have selected mother plant when creating it in the app. Is there a way to undo that?

    douche   Aug 23th 2017
  • I guess Mother plants doesn't get harvested!

    PhantomGrower   Aug 23th 2017
  • You have to move the plants out of that crop and into a non mother crop to flower them.

    WaterMeDry   Aug 24th 2017
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