what's a good nuts schedule


  • What brand of nutrients you using ? Ok I have been growing for 20plus years . I’m more of a hydroponic guru than anything else . I also used to run a hydroponic store too and hothouses in Winnipeg . I started out long time ago using GH . Then switched to advanced nutrients and did way better . Very top shelf stuff . Thing is with advanced is there’s so much to choose from . It’s crazy . This last one tho I switched again to Remo Nutrients . This stuff is amazing . Mixes well , not confusing dosing and mixing . Personally one of the easiest and best nutrient lines I’ve ever used

    Sleeves28x   Nov 09th 2017
  • I have liked Botanicare the best. I have done a side by side with GH vs Botanicare and House and garden vs Grow MOre. Botanicare had the largest yield.

    WaterMeDry   Nov 13th 2017
  • Interesting , I’ll have to give it a try . I worked with GH for long time , till for some reason the three part was chelating somehow especially the gro and bloom . After jumping in to advanced nutrient programs , especially when the introduction of sensizyme piranha and voodoo , and saw amazing root growth and repair of damaged roots . Then emerald shamin as well . It blew my mind especially as I was more hydroponic . How am in love with REMO line of nutrients.

    Sleeves28x   Nov 13th 2017
  • I never used advanced nuts but I have heard good things. I would be interested to see a side by side of the two. The botanicare nuts rep gave me a schedule to follow that had a good nutrient element balance. You should try a side by side sleeves and post it! That would be awesome to see.

    WaterMeDry   Nov 15th 2017
  • Dyna grow is supposed to be stupid simple. I've also heard alot of good things about Remo and New Millennium on the Dude Grows Show.

    Saint Skinny   Nov 21th 2017
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  • Schedule is based on the nutrients that you are using. Follow the brand info. Fox Farm and Veg + Bloom have worked for me. You can google their schedule.

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