Total Water L / BKT


Could someone please explain to me how to use this? (picture included)

Total Water

X Liter / X Buckets.


Sorry for being a noob , but I just can't get it.



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2 answers

  • It's basically using the term "bucket" in place of container. You can use that to figure out how much Nutrient Concentrate to add when not going with the usual units of measurement. IE if I had a 500ml bottle filled with RO water, and I wanted to figure out how much Grow to add to it. I know that 500ml is 1/2 a liter, and that it would take two of those 'buckets' (or 'bottles' in this case.) That being said, theres two ways to do it.

    0.5L=1 bucket

    or 1L=2 buckets

    Either will give you the correct amount to add, as long as you look in the right column. 

    • Not sure why they have that red tint, but hopefully you can read them and get the jist.

      Saint Skinny   Nov 26th 2017
  • It's set up to do the math for you if you are using multiple containers to water with. When I water my smaller garden I am mixing into multiple buckets sometimes and GB does the math for me.

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