how many weeks left of flower????

NL, no journal, unknown length of flowering is she about ready you think pistils are between 50 - 75% leaves just started yellowing today maybe 2

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2 answers

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    Use a (usb) microscope, a macro lens for smartphones or a 10x (or more) magnifier to inspect trichomes on multiple buds then make your choice

    • Nice find on that pic! very informative, I should've checked that out before I answered lol

      Saint Skinny   Nov 21th 2017
  • The best way to tell if she's ready or not is to check the trichomes, or as some people call them, "crystals." The easiest way to do so is to get a jewelers loupe or other magnifying device, in my experience you'll want at least a 30x magnification. The trichomes is basically shaped like a lollipop, with a stalk coming up from the plant matter ending with a "ball" on top. When scoping, look at the color of the 'balls' AKA trichome heads to tell if the plant is ready. (the next part is where opinions differ greatly, I'm just giving you my side of things.) The trich' head will change color as the plant ages, starting completly clear, they then go to a sort of milky/cloudy/white color, before finally turning amber. To get the highest THC content, you'll want to harvest when most of the trich heads are milky, and some are starting to turn amber. Alot of growers use '% amber' to tell when they harvest, IE "I harvest at 10-15% amber" or "I never harvest until at LEAST 20% amber, bro"... it's also said that the more clear and white heads there are, the more uplifting/energetic the buzz is, and the more amber, the more mellow/couch lock. Bottom line, look for mostly white trich heads to know when to chop. I added an image from google to help show you what I mean.

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