My first plant any thoughts?


7 weeks into flower left in veg too long so its an arbitrarily tall lady.


2 tablespoons a day on average sometimes a teaspoon of kelp food sometimes not every now and then a gallon of reg water for flush

  • TBH, there is a lot of unfocused growth here. I would look into growing a indica dominant if this is your first time. When those buds dry they will be 75% smaller then what they are now. 7 weeks in and I see no support for the plant. I recommend downloading Growing Elite Marijuana by Ryan Riley - This is free on and will help you find flaws in your current garden. Best of luck friend!

    greenthumb   Nov 16th 2017
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1 answer

  • More light if poss?  also maybe a bit of LST in veg stage next grow?

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