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Hello, I am setting my garden up electronically for the first time. I would like to make a reccomendation as I have recently came across a small frustration while inputing information. Under the Note section I feel like it would be extremely helpful by adding a Tip tab next to it. This would allow growers to quick refrence things they encounter on a daily or not so daily basis and notes that are logged daily can be compared on a routinley basis. For example a Deficiancy chart a grower has can be inputed into the Tip tab while the deficiency is  recorded under the notes tab. If anyone else agrees that something like this would be extremely helpful for ALL growers lets get this pushed up to the right persons and make this happen. Not only could this be another great additon to the marketplace but a great addition to this program. GREAT program so far!



  • What up greenthumb!? Are you saying you have a deficiency chart that you come up with or a standard one? You want it so that its always there and easy to pull up right?

    WaterMeDry   Nov 20th 2017
  • yes that is what he is saying

    brother tertle   Feb 25th 2018
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  • Hi Greenthumb,

    That's a great idea and I will add it our list of possible feature additions. We are thinking about allowing users to "star" notes so they can easily be referenced later. I do like your idea though, definitely work thinking about. If you haven't checked out GB 2.0 you can do so here and sign up for the beta if you wish.



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