best time for feeds in the 2 stages (if different )?

I got 1 skunk reg, 2 w 4d frm seed. and 1 N. Lights auto jus sprouted sprouted today (wont be giving her nutes fr time being, I'm not a monster). The elder is on 1litre water p/w inc 1 cap of Magna-Cal+, a wee "drop*" of BioVega (Biocanna). And was just wondering what my green fingered colleagues might think on the matter.....,...,,please? <3

  • Hey bro, To answer your question I'll have to ask a few. then you can answer my answer and Ill answer your answer to the answer of your question... I think lol anyway, Not quite sure what you're asking about. First off, Just so I'm clear, when you say "1litre water p/w inc 1 cap of Magna-Cal+" your saying the Skunk is getting 1 litre of purified water, then include a cap of MagiCal? or one liter per watering? just checking lol and are you asking about a feed sched you could use the same dose of the same nute for each plant? or how to make a feed chart and have each plant on a different week?

    Saint Skinny   Nov 26th 2017
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1 answer

  • IF you give the Skunk 2 tbs of Brain and 6 tsk+p/w remember that + cal-mag at this stage will increase+ or lower the Bananas! Start writing words to begin with...

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