Light Cycle 18/6 or 24 In Veg

I am a first time grower growing only 1 plant. I live in the desert and have a hard time keeping my humidity @ 50% in seedling / veg. I have been using a 18/6 light cycle. Every morning I take the light off of the timer and put the exhaust on the timer coming on every half hour then I switch the light back to the timer at night. Well last night the light stayed on for 24hrs (because afte work I fell a sleep and forgot to switch the timer back to the light so it was on for 24hrs). Can I switch it back to 18/6 without any issues or should I leave it @ 24 hrs now due to the mistake. I dont want to stress the plant out and get a hermie. Please help

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2 answers

  • You'll be just fine, Rondog. Although some people do run 24/0 photoperiod, I woouldn't recommend it. The plant's have developed over umpteen thousand years to sleep at night, I just don't see taking that away doing much good. When your in veg, as far as light cycle goes, the main thing to remember is that it's the hours of DARK that determine when a plant flowers, not the hours of light. When the plant undergoes ~12 hour dark cycles on a regular basis, it takes that as the que to start budding. Although it's worth noting that some strains (generally Sativa Genetics) will grow with as little as 8 hours of darkness, which is why we go with 18/6 for veg. Some people like to run 20/4 to be safe, but that's about the max I feel comfortable recommending. I know i'd be unhappy if someone prevented me from sleeping every night, I feel like the plants would probably feel similar. 

    While we're on the subject of Photoperiod, you should know that when you get to flowering aka switch to 12/12, that it's VERY important not to interrupt the DARK cycle with any light. Check for light leaks before flowering your plants too. those two things tend to cause hermies alot of the time. Some strains are more sensitive than others, but it's best not to take the chance. Do you know what a hermie/Male flower looks like? if not, google it so you have an idea of what to look for, alot of people say male flowers look like tiny green bananas. 

  • Thank you for your detailed response. Yes I know what male flowers look like and Also what hermi flowers look like. I have also bought a second timer for the exhaust so I no longer have to switch the timer every morning. I believe I am running into some over watering issues because last night the plant started to droop pretty bad. Woke up this morning and it seems to have recovered. Not going to water until soil is dry up to my knuckle of my pointer finger. I really appreciate your response and I have another question but not on this topic so I will create a new topic. Thanks again

    • Not a problem! That's a good idea, as much as I love being involved with my plants, some things are just better left automated when possible. I tried going without a timer on my first grow, that didn't last long lol as far as the limp lady...Was it dark when the plants were drooping? With some strains it's more common than others, but sometimes plants will get a bit droopy when they're "sleeping" and perk right up after they "wake up."....

      I thought I saw a new post on my way in lol headed there right meow

      Saint Skinny   Dec 10th 2017

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