Autoflowering Plants

Hi there,

i am using Canna nutrients.
Cannazym, Tera Vega, Rizotonic. 
Have 15 Plants in 3th week of Weg, they start to flower.
What do You guys recomend to use for the Flowering time.
Do not have expiriance with Autos...

  • Are you asking which brand of nute we think would be good for you to use?

    Saint Skinny   Dec 24th 2017
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2 answers

  • Just skip the rest of the veg weeks and treat it like the first week of flower. I'm considering reaching out to some companies to see about the possibliities of an autoflower feedchart. 

  • Focus on giving the plant monoammonium phosphate for the first couple weeks and spoon feeding with potassium sulfate through flowering. 


    The thing to keep in mind here is that all plants have a period of "juvenility", this can be seen when you try to immediatly flower a cutting, the plants physiological processes will not respond until this mechanism has been met. Typically this is seen as 2-3 weeks for seedlings of most genus. 


    I would use higher nitrate ratio in the first week or two, switch to ammoniacal nitrogen there after and keep that strong for the first two weeks of flower (wks 3-5 ish)


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