Lowering the PH

Does anyone know the best way to lower the PH of soil. My PH is at 7.8 and I want it at 6.8. I am using fox farms happy frog soil and I have not fed them any nutrients so far.

  • How far along are your plants? Do they look healthy?

    DeazyHaze   Dec 28th 2017
  • to help you can add some microbial life like Oregonism, Urb Natural, Recharge, or compost/worm casting tea. The microbes can break down materials in conditions normally too alkaline for the plant to take up, if I'm not mistaken.

    Saint Skinny   Dec 29th 2017
  • Plants are 4 weeks and 5 days old and they are now healthy thanks to the grow big and ph down solution I got from the hydroponics store. I am ph ing my water to 6.5 before watering

    Rondog   Jan 01th 2018
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3 answers

  • Brew a compost tea and water with it. That will help lower and balance the PH

    • I did get some ph down and ph up to balance out the water before watering but the ph just goes right back up to where it was after a day or so. I would like to know the recipe for the compost tea please. TRhanks

      Rondog   Jan 01th 2018
    • Deleted comment, silly stoner got confused.

      Saint Skinny   Jan 02th 2018
    • Deleted comment.

      Saint Skinny   Jan 02th 2018
  • If you're looking for something to mix in like an amendment, some people use Sulfer to lower their pH, but I've never done it myself. 


    • posted by

    How did you go about determining the pH of your soil?


    Collection and:

    -Saturation and pour through?

    -Saturation and stationary solution test?


    -Litmus paper?

    -Laboratory analysis?

    Also, are you actually growing in actual "SOIL" or is it all fox farm?

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