Is this Bubba kush looking okay for day 20 from seed and when should I transplant second plant to DWC?

-Vivosun grow tent; (4x2x5)

-Temperature; Fluctuates b/w 75 and 84 degrees F.

-Humidity; b/w 30%-40%

-Lights; 2 Galaxy Hydro 300w LEDs (Currently on 18/6 rotation)

-Carbon Filter; Vivosun 4 inch inline fan with 4 inch filter (Not on 24/7)

-Nutrients: Flora Series by General Hydroponics: Half of recommended amount.

-Planted and sprouted in aerogarden grow anything pods. Transplanted first plant into 5 gallon DWC bucket on day 19.

-Concerns; First two leaves dried up and wrinkled so I removed the wrinkled half of the leaf. Should I remove the whole thing?

-Seems to be very short and bushy

-Growth has severely slowed

-Should roots be submerged in water or hanging above?

-How far away should the lights be?

-When should I transplant the smaller plant which sprouted leaves a week ago?

-Do I need to get CalMag?

Anymore advice about what I'm doing wrong or not doing at all please let me know, I'm a first timer.

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2 answers

  • My guess is that your roots are struggling. Not sure if you have root rot. Can you look at them?  Post of pic if so that is not under the LED

    • posted by

    Lowered water levels and the leaves perked up immediately. 

    • Nice good to hear. Make sure to keep that water temp between 68-72 degrees and add oxygen into the water. You can use the water bubblers and put them under the roots.

      StickyFingers   Feb 20th 2018

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