Leaves turning dark brown and grey

Leaves turning dark brown and grey

In week 2 of veg


this just started after I transplanted into new half gallon pots for my first week of veg


was giving no nutrients and using tap water with a ph of 7 


using Espoma Organic Soil With Earthworm Casting & Myco-tone

300W LED with (2) 12W LED 1155 Lumens clamp lights

lifted my lights to 24 inches to help and feed 3 teaspoons of FOX Farm Tiger Bloom (2-8-4) in a gallon jug  this week 


the only drank half of a gallon


I was thinking it may have needed Phosphate


Please Advise





Looking a little bit better .... Top soil is still moist from previous feeding


Added pictures

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3 answers

  • Not sure what is in your soil and what approach you are taking (organic vs synthetic) but it got too much of something. When you see a reaching like less is always better. Dont try to correct with more nutrients. The two that got it the worst are done. They are not coming back and will limp along the rest of the time. Flush with water and start with half the recommended nutrient strength. 


    • I was giving it no nutrients until now

      I was not giving it anything other than tap water

      I saw these leaves turning hard and brown and I just gave it some nutrients

      brother tertle   Feb 20th 2018
    • Looks like that soil is for gardening flowers which is not what you want to put your cannabis plants in. Kinda how you dont want to put cannabis in miracle grow. It just has the wrong NPK values. You want a neutral base or something that is specific for cannabis. Try coco with no additives or very little amounts.

      StickyFingers   Feb 21th 2018
    • Okay makes sense Any recommendations on cheap coco

      brother tertle   Feb 24th 2018
    • Canna coco is pretty good or gorilla coco. Kinda just depends on where you are in the world.

      StickyFingers   Feb 25th 2018
  • It looks like you got two problems going on. 

    I agree with StickyFingers. That's not the best soil to start with. Some a little more neutral would be better next time. You did the right thing by just feeding with water for the first few weeks to use up some of the nutrients in the soil. It also looks like you have a drainage problem. The dead spots on the bottom leaves tells me you bottom section of the soil isn't drying out enough. You need to wait longer between waterings or increase the drainage of your pots.  


  • Please send your thoughts on this 


    I hope it gets better

    • Update Found the problem to be my 94% humidity

      Opened the flaps for ventilation

      Will update with progress

      brother tertle   Feb 27th 2018
    • Ha yeah that will do it. Good find.

      StickyFingers   Feb 27th 2018

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