Green planet nutrients

can you add green planet nutriants 

especially duel fuel 

  • They do have Green Planet Nutrients in the Marketplace but I didn't see Dual Fuel in there. I'm actually working with GB to improve things a little bit in this aspect. I've put up a list of stuff for them to add to nutes, I'll add this next time I make a list for 'em. In the mean time, you know you can add your own nutrients, right?

    Saint Skinny   Apr 11th 2018
  • I made a list of Nutes for them to add, They've been working on the next version of the GB app, so they may not update it until they get that done, but I couldn't tell ya for sure. I'll double check the email I sent them and if Duel Fuel isn't on there I'll let em know it should be! :)

    Saint Skinny   Jul 01th 2018
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