Lower leaves tip yellowing

Hi, this is the second crop that has done this and dont know what im doing wrong but here is the specs of my growing area. Also the plants been really Dark Green HealthyWhite Widow Strain, sprouted on 4-01-18

Mirical Grow - Soil

Hydroponic FloraMicro / FloraGrow / FloraBloom

[Link for Nutreints]


Puronics Water purification system was 9k$ and Ph 6.8-7.0 - PPM 110I have well water and the water here is really clean and drinkable.Iv been using the well and purified water on my outside garden and havent seen any problems.


Lighting : 800w LED, Really Pulled 200w I checked.. 18Hours On / 6 Hours OFF

Temps : From 75-90F  Iv also seen it get around 95F when I turn off my secondary fan.

  • My first comment would be temp and humidity. Keep the temp below 85 and humidity around 60%. Make sure the light isnt to close to the top of the plant which would cause the leaves to heat up. Throw a only water no nutrients feeding in sometimes to keep salt build up down. With your plant being so small I would stick with week 1 feeding until it got bigger.

    StickyFingers   Apr 16th 2018
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2 answers

  • The first thing i would say is lower your PH. It should be at 5.5 - 6 for clones and seedlings. Then 6 - 6.5 is good for older plants.

    The second thing would if your using well water, to back off putting extra CAL-MAG. Just because it already has alot in the water.

    I dont mean to sound harsh on here lol. But those are the first 2 steps i would take. This is what i do:

    Shultz 20/20/20

    PH 6.0-6.3, PPM 550-650

    Promix & City Water

    I run Solo Cups/3 Gal./6 Gal./10 Gal.


  • dont worry bout it.. its normal

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