what could possibly be wrong with this girl

got these clones the other day and out of 6 this one girl looks like crap! dont know what it could be, looked at images online to see if i see anything like it and i see light burn or cal issue. shouldnt be light, no others have issue. gave cal mag 2 days ago still not really perking up. its not bugs, spray regularly and i checked them with fine tooth comb

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3 answers

  • If your talking about the Fan leaf on the top of the plant. It looks like damage done to the leaf during growth. You should be fine on other leaves.

    The leaf on the bottom with cut tips could be because of PH, Water, or Nuts. I would have to know those three to get deeper on you answer.

    • havent given any nutes yet. ph is around 5.8 to 6. she is starting to look a little better. moved her from the 1000w MH to an LED will get pic in am when i get home from work

      chucky211   Apr 24th 2018
  • here is what she is looking like today. much better than before. think so?

    • Yes looks very nice and heathy. I usually keep my PH 5.8-6.3.

      FOB_Chronic   May 02th 2018
  • Ya the new growth is looking good. Once a part of the plant is damaged it will not get better. With your plant just starting off its life you will want to keep it kinda far away from a 1000w MH. I would say at least 3-4 feet and have good air circulation in there. Make sure its not getting above 82 degrees if possible. 

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