lets talk LED. suggestions, reviews

so i had 2 bloombeast that i ordered that i now have loaned to my ex wife, i never got to grow with them.



i am going to order more LED for myself and wonder if anyone has any suggestions or if they have grown with this bloombeast. im on my first grow right now and have 4 1000w MH in my room and its gets  hot as hell. have to go to LED

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2 answers

  • From the looks of it, I wouldn't buy something like that, it looks like a toy. Shit maybe it works I just dont like how it looks.  Spectrum King has some great LED lights. They are expensive but we have used them in a commercial setting and they work great. 

  • well so far so good on the bloombeast, plants seem to be loving the light and it seems to have better penitration than my 1000w too. 

    • update, got the above LED and the girls LOVE it. im telling you, the girls i have under it are growing so fast its crazy. the only problem is i dont have one of the same plants under the hps so i cant really fairly judge if it just superb growing plants or the light. next time i will try one under each, in fact, i have to cheese xxl auto seedlings i will one under each tonight and see which does better. let the experiment begin

      chucky211   May 19th 2018
    • Sweet! Take pictures and I would love to see a side by side.

      StickyFingers   May 21th 2018
    • i'm not sure if you're only running auto's, but I'd suggest taking a couple clones of a photo strain for the side by side. That way you know it's not genetic variation causing the results. If you're growing other herbs you could clone one of them for the test, as well.

      Saint Skinny   May 31th 2018
    • thats a good idea. i am running photos. i am having a hard time getting clones to take though. i have an ezclone and i have tried the cubes with clonex. i have got one clone to root out of say 75 i have tried i dont know what the hell i am doing wrong!!!! i moved this led to my closet last night because i have a few that i NEED to flip. this thing gets hot AF in this closet. i was going to try to do a sealed room in my closet with a bag of co2 but its so hot i cant do it in closet. going to get a fan now to try it

      chucky211   May 31th 2018

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