Curing Marijuana

What would be the best practice to dry cure marijuana and how long should it be curing after harvest? plant whole hung or wet trimmed?  Ihave a humidifier in the room set to 60 % humidity and  temperature at 60 F.


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1 answer

  • What is the relative humidity where you are? Usually you dont want to put a humidifier in your dry room because mold can become a problem. Make your dry room small enough so that your plants fill up 50% of the space and have air circulating around in it, but not blowing on the plants. 60% humidity and 60F are good environmental stats to have. If you keep the leaves on the plant it will slow down the dry process and put more humidity into the air, which it sounds like you want. Depending on how dry your environment is you will want to take down your plants right when the branches start snapping. You dont want the buds to get to dry because they can never get moister. If they are still too wet for you liking that is where curing will come into play and you can open your (preferably glass) container and dry the buds out every couple hours, then days, and then you're done. Seal them up and store them out of direct light. 

    • Thanks for the advice, appreciate the help.

      Dominican Grower   May 02th 2018

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