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You have one of, if not the best, "grow apps" I have been able to find to date.  It has been indispensable for tracking feedings as well as growth, dry and cure times. With that said.....every time I use your app, 2 BIG questions keep coming to mind: 1:Why make it so complicated?  Why not use dropdown menus, accessed by "right-clicking" a plant or room ? you virtually every other program and or app that we use on our phones and PC's every day.  And 2: where is the option to reverse changes to plant stages ?  If I mistakenly change a plant from "Bloom" to "Dry", for appears that I can't correct it. 

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  • Thanks for the feedback Clos3tCultiv8or. We are in the middle of doing a complete redesign of the user interface and adding a ton of new features including hardware integration. Stay tuned because it's going to be awesome!!

    Till then.

    You are able able change a plant back to from "Dry" by clicking on the details tab and hitting the "x" next to harvest date. *can only be done plant by plant. It doesn't work when editing multiple plants at this time. 

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