What are your main questions when growing in veg?

I am writing a paper on growing cannabis and I want to know what are the main questions growers have for growing in the vegetative stage? 

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1 answer

  • Here are a few questions I see quite a bit in my journeys helping newbies. I hope this helps. 

    1. When do I top?
      • Auto's
      • Photos

    2. When do I start feeding them?
      • When I do start feeding, how much of what? IE Half strength? Silica? Cal Mag?
        • On a side note, I feel like Silica is overlooked alot of the time

    3. How do I know when They're big enough to clone?
      • When they're big enough, where do I take the clones from?
      • How big should the clones be?

    • Awesome thanks Skinny

      StickyFingers   May 31th 2018

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