what is going on here, they are dead!!

well i dont know what is going on here. this is my first grow and everything was going fine until i went on vacation last week. i came back to this. but wait it was only one plant looked like this when i got back. i thought they didnt water them because they were pretty dry when i got back but i watered and the next day two looked like that. now day 3 of being back and all but one look like this. you can see the one strong one out of the group. these are purple urkles. i have durban poison on the other side of the room and they look great so it isnt room environment. what do you guys thing. the leaves are yellowing from the inside out. you cant see that in the pics. the last red image is the other side, you can see they are great.



added new images you can see that i added a image of some of the other side so you can see how good they are doing. you can tell which ones those are.

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3 answers

  • Is everything getting the same nutrients? Hope its not russet mites. Do you water those first, middle, last? Is there some sort of pattern that you can pick out? That is weird that they are dying from the bottom up. 

    Is it all the same strain that is having the problem?

    • yep all same nutes, i hope it isnt mites too but the other side of the room isnt effected at all i just didnt get a pic of them, i have one i just dont know how to add it here.never any watering pattern i just go in and give them their usual gal a day. these are all purple urkle. the other side of the room is durban poison let me see if i can figure out how to add a photo

      chucky211   May 31th 2018
    • Make sure you are shaking all those nutrients. It does seem like a nutrient problem. What are you feeding them?

      StickyFingers   May 31th 2018
    • I dunno though because all the top growth looks great. Can you take some clear pics of the damaged leaves, the half green ones that are starting to die?

      StickyFingers   May 31th 2018
    • Check and recalibrate your ph meter maybe too

      StickyFingers   May 31th 2018
    • feeding advanced PH perfect connoisseur line, rhino skin, and budfactor x. just took bunch of pics will edit now and add them. is there not a way to add photos or make comments on them on here???

      chucky211   May 31th 2018
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  • It looks like there's a couple different nutrient issues going on, dying from the bottom up is typical if plants are struggling to get them.  Mobile nutes will move from lower leaves to upper growth causing lower growth to die first.


    Going by what you've said I'd suspect pH issues.  If the people caring for it where letting it dry out a bit too much that'll cause pH spikes.  If you haven't got a calinrated meter it could be off to begin with.  Check with the manufacturer, some pens use a 2 point calibration so you may need pH 4.0 & 7.0 to accurately calibrate it.  You want 4.0 over 10.0 as the 2nd calibration point since we use slightly acidic solutions between 5.8-6.5 typically.

    • thank you for advice for future grows. unfortunately those plants have all moved on to their next spot in life :(

      chucky211   Jun 18th 2018
  • Honestly looks like the urkle is done or close to done. Durban is gonna take a lot longer to finish due to its sativa dominance. Check trichomes and flush the urkle out, doubt its mites because all the damage is on the lowers. Good luck

    • so i dont know if it could do that much damage or not but it turned out i had russet mites. man those things are brutal. i hope i got rid of them with sulfur burn. did it twice to make sure eggs die too. One thing that i niticed tonight was all the durban are getting there little pistol hairs back. i think the mites ate them or something. coming back now

      chucky211   Jun 25th 2018
    • Bummer man I was hoping that was not the case. They are super fucking hard to destroy. We had a perpetual crop and we never could kill them all because they would hide in the flowering plants. You need to spray everything, all the equipment and walls, fucking everything.

      StickyFingers   Jun 25th 2018

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