Is there a new Update coming out soon?

Was just wondering if and when you planned a new update? Love the app and what you have done with it so far. Keep up the awesome job.

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    Hi MTHigh,

    A new update is currently in development and we are hoping to get it in beta as quickly as possible, sometime in Q3. We have been working diligently on the new update but it has been a big undertaking as we are working to accomplish some of the following:

    Complete User Interface Redesign -- providing a more intuitive experience - We have listened to everyones feedback and have worked to build an interface that provides a simpler, but more powerful, day-to-day cultivation management workflow.

    Phone Feature Parity -- we have been working to move GrowBuddy Phone away from its status as a companion app and offer it as the full-fledged, feature rich app that is on tablets and desktops.

    Architecture Redesign -- We have completely redesigned our app architecture to provide much greater stability on mobile platforms, increased app responsiveness across the board, better support for very large cultivation operations, future hardware integration capabilities, and allows us to push new updates on a much, much faster timeline.

    Secure Public API and SDK -- through the redesign we have been diligently working on creating a new API that will allow for simple custom integrations with 3rd party software. As security is our highest priority, we are taking our time with the new API release to ensure we maintain a highly secure platform.

    We are very excited to get the new release in everyones hands and we are working hard to get to the finish line as soon as possible.

    This has been a very large undertaking over the last 10 months, but it will allow us to provide the exciting new features we have planned for the next 24 months. We think it will be worth the wait. We hope you do to.


    - The GrowBuddy Team

    • Looking forward to starting Beta, I'm pretty stoked about the update! I can't wait to see what the Grow Buddy Team has done :)

      Saint Skinny   Jun 29th 2018
    • That's great to hear! This app has so much potential and I'd love to see it evolve. Do you guys plan on adding a Patreon, or some way to support you guys? This app deserves to exist and I'd be happy to help chip in a little bit of money to help keep it alive :)

      QGrowstheDank   Jun 30th 2018

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