App not supporting android 8.1.0?

Hello, I just got a new phone (nokia 7 plus) and it's running Android 8.1.0

When I try to install the app it tells me the version is not supported

Does Growbuddy app not support 8.1.0 and if not when will it be available? 


  • Please help, anyone from Growbuddy that could answer this question?

    Iceman2540   Jun 08th 2018
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2 answers

  • Hi Iceman,

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I had the dev team look into it and they are going to compile the app against the new SDK and push for a release barring no issues. Look for it mid-end of next week. I'll post back here when it is published!

    • Thank you for looking in to it

      Iceman2540   Jun 08th 2018
    • Any news on update for Android 8.1.0?

      Iceman2540   Jul 24th 2018
    • So still working on it? So much for: "mid end of next week. I'll post back here when it is published!"

      Dabby Bear   Oct 12th 2018
  • Do you know when Android 8.1 will be supported? 

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