Moving local database

I am trying to move a copy of my Local database to another computer.  I have the files from the last successful GB session. I've copied those files in to the local folder including the Growbuddy.db file.  When logging in using the offline mode, I get the following message box:

    The email you tried to log in with cannot be found

     locallly (offline). Please make sure you are online

             the first time you log in to GrowBuddy.

What steps should I take to move a local database over to a new GB installed on a new computer?



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1 answer

  • Hi Squeaky Bones,

    We use encryption on the local database files to protect your data and, unfortunately, at this time there is a bit involved in making the transfer as we haven't published the tools for doing so in the app itself yet.

    Please contact us at and we will get you those tools and walk you through the process of restoring your offline database on your new computer.

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