Mixing Nutrients

how do you mix fox farm nutrients?

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3 answers

  • Be a little more specific.

  • @stickyFingers when measuring fox farm nutrients do you mix all nutrients in same bottle?

    • You want to fill up however much water you are going to water with and then mix in nutrients one at a time. If you combine certain elements they will react with each other.

      StickyFingers   Jun 13th 2018
  • Start with your water, add each concentrate (Grow Big, Tiger Bloom) one at a time to the water. DO NOT MIX THE CONCENTRATED NUTES TOGETHER! I've considered it when I was first starting, but it turns out doing that can lock out some of the nutrition (that you paid for)

    On a side note, if you ever get into another brand there IS a right way to do it. If you use silica and/or cal-mag, start with the silica, then the Cal-mag. I'll give you a couple examples:

    Let's say I'm using something like Dyna-Gro, for a full cycle I would need 

    • Grow nute (aka Foliage Pro)
    • Bloom nute 
    • Silica Supplement 
    • Cal-Mag Supplement  

    To mix my solution, I would do the following: 

    1. Measure out 1 gallon of RO water
    2. Add the Silica Supplement First (if not using silica, see next step)
    3. add the Cal-mag Supplement
    4. add the grow or bloom nutrient
    5. pH the solution and feed the babies!

    To remember this, I used the S.N.A.P. method; it's a good way to train yourself when mixing nutes, It goes like this:

    To use this method you basically spell SNAP out in your head, each letter being a step in the process

    • S-Supplements
    • N-Nutrients
    • A-Additives
    • P-pH

    So you start with Supplements, then add the nutes (grow/bloom), then the additives (Sweetners, etc), and finally, you check and adjust the pH


    I hope this helps.

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