what defines start date and veg date

Is the start date when you plant the seed or when it germinates and starts growing. Is this the veg date? Or is the veg date when there are true leaves? I think I got the flower date figured out.

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2 answers

  • Its however you want it to be. You can start the clone/seed date when you start germinating and once the plant is showing its full set of true leaves you can start the veg. 

  • There is no hard definition, people tract it differently.  I start counting when I put the seeds to soak & record everything.  I also don't differentiate between the seedling stage & vegetative.  The lights are always on 18 hours,  I assume by the 3rd set of leaves it'll have 5 blades & rapid vegetative growth will take off. Usually 2-3 weeks from soaking the seeds.  I only trak crops as they move from vegetative (18 hours) to flowering (12).  If the app was updated to include a seedling stage for nutrient schedule I might change how I keep notes but for now I don't see a need to track when they switch from seedling to veg.

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