the project is still alive?

I wanted to start using your application but I do not see activity on social networks for a while.

In addition, the application on Android Play is no longer available

I find its application very interesting and much more the premium options that will be available. But I would not like to start using it and have no more support

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3 answers

  • Hi Diko,

    We are working on new updates as we speak. I know we havent been active on social media but thats because we are focusing on making the app even better! I just sent a message to our developer about not being on google play, thanks for bringing that to our attention. Jump on it and check out our app!

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    I too am looking forward to the new update at least the app back on the 'Google Play Store'

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    Thank you very much for responding and informing us that this project is on track.

    I am starting to use it on the PC and the truth is that it works very well and it will be very useful for me.

    I am looking forward to the new update.

    • Diko Great to hear. We will have the app back on google play and iOS for your phone here shortly. We need to add some code to the app for it to work on there again. Enjoy and happy growing.

      GB-Admin   Sep 20th 2018
    • Thank you very much for the reply. I hope impacinate the APP and updates

      Diko   Sep 25th 2018
    • @GB-Admin Any news from the app on android?

      Diko   Oct 12th 2018
    • Still working through some issues.

      GB-Admin   Oct 12th 2018

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