Windows 10 app not working

Hi,My Windows 10 application isn't working. I am able to login, but the app is all buggy, doesn't show information or whatsoever. It shows only the tile menu but sometimes clicking at the options doesn't do a thing. Tried a full reinstall, wiping out registry and stuff, but nothing seems to solve the problem. Not even logging with another account.Thank you in advance

  • This exactly how the app looks like after login

    upstarisgrower   Oct 04th 2018
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    I have windows 10 installed and I have no problem. Yesterday I updated to the latest version of windows and I had no problems either.

    When you finished entering, did the tutorial appear to start using the program?


    • Hey, thank you for the reply!

      It did not! This black fading on the screen sometimes appears, sometimes it doesn't.

      What GrowBuddy and Windows 10 versions are you running?

      upstarisgrower   Oct 06th 2018
    • In Growbuddy I could not find the version but a week ago I had to reinstall my machine and download the latest version. In Windows I have the 1809

      Diko   Oct 07th 2018

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