How to add Nutrients used ?

If the nutrients I'm using like Nutrilife coco a&b are not in the list provided by Growbuddy.. how do I add the schedule and nutrients and how much I used each time.

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    Hello Stone

    In order to create your own Schedule you have to go to Manage Garden and first you have to add all the nutrients you have in the "Nutrient" window and then go to Schedule to put it together. To know what amount they have to put. You have to go to the manufacturer's page of the nutrient where the technical sheet of how that product is dissolved and when it is applied must appear.

    Likewise, I recommend you go to the Tutorials section of that same sector so that you can see it more clearly.

    Also I give you a council that always fences modifying your schedule according to the needs of the variety that you are planting, types of environment where you have it and type of land. Each plantation is a totally different world and what you can find on the internet is only a small guide.

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