Release date on the android app?

Any chance that an older version of the app could be put on the website for download?The dead links for the app downloads are fairly decieving considering there is zero indication that half of the functionality of the app - the mobile app - does not work at all.

I speak for everyone that a proper grow tracking app with minimal clutter is truely needed.I love GrowBuddy, but not having phone integration is really disappointing.

The lack of communication and transparency that the app is broken is even more disappointing.

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2 answers

  • Hey Dabby,

    Sorry about this inconvenience, we thought this was going to be a quick turnaround but it is taking longer than expected. With limited resources we are working at it as fast as we can. I am going to see if we can get something posted on the website to indicate that we are working on it. Thanks for your support. 

    • Thanks a ton for the quick response! I appreciate the work you guys do. I just know that many users will be brought into the community via the mobile side.

      Dabby Bear   Oct 12th 2018
    • posted by

    Love the program and would love to see an upgraded version. I'm sure that your goal is to get it out ASAP and with limited resources as you pointed out it's understandable if it's delayed.

    How about a go fundme or other crowd sourced fund raising? Your program has been free for quite a while and you have a large community. Perhaps the additional resources can speed up the process.

    Best regards,


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