Update on android or ios being available for download?


Have your program on a couple of my devices but was really wanting to download it on my new iPad Pro.....when will this option be available? Love your program and site, don’t want to start looking for another option....


  • I'd like to add my vote to this. I've been evaluating apps for a few months now and, on the Windows version anyway, your interface is the best I've seen but your IOS/Android issue creates an uncertainty for me.

    It's been several months now with no IOS/Android availability so I have to ask, are you guys still committed to this app? If so, when do you think it WILL be available? I know the site says, "as fast as we can" but if you're really working on it you have a timeline for it. Do you need someone to help test the new versions? I'd be happy to.

    I hope you guys come through.


    Yorle   Jan 19th 2019
  • Hi Yorle, I am glad you like the windows version, and we are sorry for the issues with the phone version, we wish it was on the stores too. We are working on getting more developers to help build the app, along with raising money. We dont have an estimated timeline for the new version. Sorry for not being able to give you a better answer, just know we are working on it.

    GB-Admin   Jan 28th 2019
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5 answers

  • Hey Twizzle,

    We are still working through our updates. We dont have an estimated time yet but it is coming. 

  • What's it been now? Like a year since the mobile version left?

  • Very eager for the Android tablet and phone updates to be available. Any news on the mobile platforms' update??

  • Been waiting for app image rendering fixes since sept 2018. Lost all functionality on all of our tablets and iPhones... If the updates are indeed “real” then Tim needs to enable people who have been using the app for ever to use TestFlight on IOS to help further the new “update” being available for others. 


    Were all all wanting to use your product... but can’t. Some transparency would be great.  

    • posted by

    Like the man said, "we're all wanting to use your product... but can’t." Is the plan to release the IOS/Android apps as part of the GB 2.0 release?

    Fingers crossed,


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