Lingering Pollen

I was reading a thread on here concerning killing left over pollen after hermie grow. This has happened to me four straight harvests that other hermies are pollinating a few flowers so plants mature way too early. Am I accessing this correctly? I did not clean tent afterwards because I thought it was another issue but recently noticed some seeds. I have been trying to solve my early maturation problem which has happened consistently.  Since I’m seeing seeds , does it make since when I rotated plants to flowering tent (every 2-4 weeks) they are all getting pollinated? I have cleaned the heck out of both tents but want to kill any pollen in the room, although I’m using tents, there’s always air circulation. Will an ordinary disinfectant spray neutralize or kill pollen in room? Hope that makes would appreciate any feedback....☮️

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1 answer

  • If you're certain you are working with strong genetics...proceed. If not, replace your source first.

    Double check your environmentals... temp min 60s max 80, light schedule 12/12 with no light leaks

    To clean...

    Pollen won't last more than a couple weeks without being stored properly, and laying your tent, room, or in the air of your house is not proper storage. Cut your lights, fans, de/humidifiers, AC, etc. Mix a 10% bleach solution and spray down everything. Spray the air in your tents and zip them up. Spray the air in your room as your leaving and close the door behind you. Leave it for a few hours as it evaporates. Wipe down your tent insides with a clean wet (water) cloth.

    Good luck.



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