Growing Troubles

Hello there!) Need a bit help with growing)What is this?1 month vega stage.Yellow nails on leaves, on top of grow point.

Soil: Coco, 35l pot size

Fertilizer: GHE


1. Clean water, 0,5 l PH = 7,8.

2. GHE Grow 1,5 ml per 1l, Micro 1 ml per 1l, Bloom 0,5 ml per 1l.

3. Clean water, 1l PH = 7,8.

4. GHE Grow 1,5 ml per 1l, Micro 1,5 ml per 1l, Bloom 1 ml per 1l.

Light: GIB Lighting Pure Bloom Spectrum XTreme Output 400W. 18:6 daylight. 40 cm lamp distance to plant.

Temperature: Day 25-27 C, Night 18-22 C.

Thanx for attention, and future help.

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3 answers

  • your ph is to high 

  • Yeah pH is to high. Bring it down around 6.5. Your range can be between 6.2-7

  • Thats the begining of nute burn,  Ph shoud be between 5.5 to 6.5 optimal ph is 5.8.  When the pH raises above 7 the roots are not able to consume the available iron, copper, zinc, manganese, and boron ions in their vicinity, and when the pH lowers into  to less than 5 the roots are not able to access phosphoric acid, calcium, and magnesium because they lose their solubility. If the pH drops to between 5 to 3 with temperatures above 26 degrees Celsius fungal disease    for general hydroponics flora series during late growth feed 10ml/3.79L of micro, 10ml/3.79L grow, amd 5ml/3.79L bloom, also a couple good additives are armor-SI and subculture b or voodoo juice armor si eill raise ph quite easily so keep am eye on that but it is great because it helps make your plants have a stronger cellular structure which allows them to take up more nutrients, makes them able to handle heat amd other causes of stress and deficiencies.  Subculture b is beneficial micro bacteria and fungus that feed om harmful forms themselves as well as promote the explosion of root mass potentially up to 2x normal which helps plants grow bigger faster.  

    Contrilling your environment plays a big part in most deficiencies if too hot and or dry plants take up more water which makes your ppm go up amd ph becomes too high in alkalinity resulting in nute burn toi cold and humid and plants domt use much water and take up nutes more also they domt "sweat" properly and this causes nutrient deficiencies and powdery mildew also.  Make sure you have fressh air at all times or co2 if not. 

    So try to maintain temps in the 20 to 30 range (optimal temos are around 24 to 26 Celsius) and humidity of 60 to 70% during veg.  And 18 to 20 Celsius and 30 to 40% for flower.  Play eith your nute recipe until you barely have to adjust your soil until you flush and switch to flower, i grow hdro from seed amd i do  mainlining so my veg is extended at most 2 week and i barely ever have to adjust ph or ppm i mix my solution at the start of veg run it in my dwc set up amd add 1/2 strength when it needs topping up and i maintain a ph if 5,8 to 6.0 all through veg and ppm start at 400 to 550 and i usually end up around 1200 to 1400 ppm by the end of veg


    Hope this helps 


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