Server Issues logging in for 1st time after installing GB sfw

Am having trouble logging onto the server, after having been trying to logon for the last several weeks. The problem is I've installed the GB software on my laptop (PC) and can't login to retrieve the synced data., as it's the 1st time on the PC.



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    I can't log in either. Stalled on "Logging In..." screen on Mac


    edit: working now. hopefully everything's cool. 

  • I'm having the same problem with a Win10 log-in. It will get to the "Logging in..." screen and then...nothing. Hopefully they get this fixed soon, or at least post a message here to let us know what is going on and when it might be working again. I know the "apps" are down, but not sure why PC/Apple software not working.

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    UPDATE:  Just for kicks I created a test useer on my Windows 10 machine and installd growbuddy on that profile.  Once complete, I logged in ysing my normal credentials and my garden file s are all there and coirrect.  

    After that it's syncing between machines again and working as expected.  Good luck to all!




    Same here.  This is killing me!  If I install new witn no existin gdata it starts no issues.

  • Thanks guys. Creating a new user sorted itmout on the Mac and PC. Now lets get growing!

  • Go to C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\

    Find the GrowBuddy folder

    Delete or rename folder. For example: GrowBuddy_HLD

    Start GrowBuddy

    Log in and magically your garden will return.

    However, if you made changes in offline mode, these will be lost. 



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