Login error - program stuck

Good afsternoon,


When I try to sign-up with the app, it keeps giving me a blank pop-up that only had an 'ok' button. When I try to login, the app keeps freezing at the pop-up that says 'Logging in...'


Reinstalling the windows app did not help.


I could use some assistance...

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    Hello community,

    We are still working through the issue but we took OS offline so you can log in. We will continue to work through the problem. 

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    Same problem here. It stucks at the login popup. I tried to uninstall the program and delete the user profile amd install again.No results.

  • Am having the same issue with connecting thru the app. on my laptop and desktop. Using the local copy with no online sync.


  • Same issue here as listed in the very first comment above. 

  • May 6, still having same problem. Program is stuck on "Loading" screen.

  • Yeah, still cant login

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    Unable to log in to growbuddy for a few days now.

    Is there a way to take it off line for good? and access my garden?

    Really need to get my databack..



    Its enough that the IOS version is gone.. which is only an incovience..

    But to lose the access on the desktop....???? you are crippling the people you created this software for..

  • Still Stuck also... wish I had another backup of data

  • It looks like it is working again

  •  Hi StickyFingers,


    Is the app still working? Haven't tried it since.


    @GB-Admin, could you give us a official update?

  • Mcfarlen Enterprises

  • I had the same issue however, I was able to only fix this by uninstalling the application from windows. I am using Windows 7. Once it is uninstalled there are some files still in the user/NAME/Growbuddy file folder. You must delete this and then reinstall.


    Should work! :) Happy Growing!

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