New update release?

What's the latest word on the new update release? Do you have an idea of when it will be released? 

Thank you 

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4 answers

  • I enjoy using Grow Buddy a great deal and I appreciate that it's free. Lately, there have been issues regarding accessing the software which can be frustrating. I am sure there are updates on thet way as I attribute this activity to software development issues.

    It would be good to get an approximate idea of when the update will come and if there will be a monthly fee or other cost which I am willing to pay as I do enjoy using Grow Buddy.

    Any ETA would be helpful to the whole GB comminity

    Best regards

  • Hey Guys, 

    We are excited to show you guys GrowBuddy 2.0! We have been working hard to build the new update and raise money. We do not have an estimated release yet because these things always take more time than expected but we are getting closer. Here is a sneak peak of the new app. You can sign up to be a beta tester. 




  • As many of us have been patiently or impatiently waiting to be able to use your product, I kind of find it irritating to have to sign up to be a beta tester. A beta tester for an app designed to work specifically with your new product and soon to be line of products. 


    Just super disappointed. 

    • posted by

    i would absolutely be honored to be a beta tester!  I'll look for the sign up area, but in case I can't find it (I'm a little slow sometimes), can you provide a link?  Thanks!


    EDIT:  Found it at the bottom of the page - that was easy!  Thanks!

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