GrowBuddy two point oh! sneak peak

Check it out GrowBuddy has posted a link to a page that shows you the new version! You can sign up to be a beta tester and they are developing hardware. Sweeeeet!

  1. You will see these arrows in every question page. They allow you to upvote/downvote according to the relevancy of the question/answer.
  2. Edit your question/answer if you wish to change it or update it.
  3. If you dont understand something about the question, leave a comment asking. The answer field should be only used for answers.
  4. If the author of a question mark an answer as solution, this mark will be visible.
  5. Click here to see more details about the operation of the system!

3 answers

  • Looks quite nice so far. I've been using GB for a number of years now and cannot imagine keeping track of everything without it. Definitely the best software on the market for this hobby/business. Would love to be a beta tester for 2.0. Hope we're getting close to a release date...

  • Looks amazing. I can  hardly wait to try it out. 

  • OmG!  

    This is the happiest day of my life.... I've been waiting So long and have been trying to remain patient.... I had a feeling you guy's were up to something ... Thank you so much!!

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