Feature Request: Change "Plant Water UoM"

Once I have my plants created, I can't change the UoM for watering.  It would be nice to be able to change this for various stages.  For example, during the early stages, I water in millilitres, but once they're veg'ing and flowering, I feed in litres/gallons.  Thanks!

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    Great point. I do the same, I even wish I could have a 12 wk. veg. I want to see if it makes that much more yeild

  • Thanks for your suggestions. I believe both of those features will be addressed within the first 4 months after the release of GB 2.0 

    Check it out here!


    We plan on allowing the user to create an overall "grow method" where you can choose how many days you want for veg and flower. After you harvest you can then make changes to your grow method and run it again. The goal is to allow the user to make small changes and constantly improve their method over time.


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    GrowBuddy Team

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