Program Bug - Mac - Incorrect Dates

Hello, Love this app and can't wait till the new version is released. Just some feedback. I changed my plants from "Plant" to "Veg" Even though I put the date as 19th June. It's adding a week to this and saying 1 week day 5. Why is it adding this extra week? 

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2 answers

  • Usually when you change to VEG, the program will automatically start as WEEK 1. Within that will be day 1. It will not flip to Week 2 until a full 7 days has gone by. If you went back and put June 19th as the day Vegging began, then it would say Week1, Day 5 on June 24th. It's not 1 week plus 5 days, it is the 5th day of the 1st Week.

    Hope this helps?

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    I understand now, So it's not week 1 plus 5 days. It's just simply saying you're in week 1 and its day 5 of week one. Makes sence now

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