Veg Cycle only 7 weeks, Why?

The Veg cycle only goes to week 7 but most plants are usually 9 weeks. Why does this only go to 7.



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3 answers

  • I believe that the Flowering cycle usually is around 9 weeks, though that of course is subject to the strain. In Veg, unless you're planning on trees, the cycle is usually 3-6 weeks. From seed, they usually won't flip to Flower in less that 3 weeks even if on a 12 hour lighting cycle. When using clones,  Veg time may even be less before flipping to Flowering. If you do need more than 7 weeks for your Vegging cycle though, perhaps you can convince them to allow more Veg time in the software.

  • Cool, I am a newbie and this is my first official grow. Today marks Week 6, Day 1 and I am seeing some white hairs now. When I emailed the folks that I got the seeds from, they mentioned it is probably pre-flowers.

    Should I flip my lights over to start flowering starting for Week 8?

  • You can flip the lights to 12/12 anytime you want. I normally veg my plants from seed 6 weeks. Then I move them to my flower room. When you get seeds and it says 7-9 weeks flower time, That is just an average. Go by your plants, you need to check the tricomes. I like mine when they just start to turn amber then I flush the plant.

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