Possible problem adding nutirents/growing medium, etc.

I say possible, because I'm new to GrowBuddy, and may be doing something wrong.

When I initially created an account, it would take a few minutes for a nutrient added from the Markenplace to actually show up in the app, which was fine. The last few entries I've attempted to add are still not there, a day later.

Am I adding them incorrectly?

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3 answers

  • ...another day, and still not showing up...I tried adding again, will wait until tomorrow to see what happens...otherwise, this pretty much makes the app useless, which is really too bad, I was looking forward to playing with this programs...

  • Have you tried adding them manually?

    The various nutes I have used in the past are not in the "marketplace" list. I just set up new nutes in the program and created schedules for 8-12 weeks of flowering. Took about 15 minutes to set it all up. Give it a try. This program is too good to just give up on it. Plus, the new version will be in beta in the (hopefully) near future.

  • I'm having same issues as of 7/10. I got the program about a week ago without issue but now won't "add to garden"

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