GB 2.0 Losing hope!

Well, it's been a while, so I figured I would ask about an update to the progress of GrowBuddy 2.0? Starting to lose hope for the app. 

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5 answers

  • Don't do that, we need you man.

  • Got to sell those environmental monitors, y0! How else can you make your app required!?!?!


    At this point, put the app out and charge $5 a garden; or $5 for v1 updated and $20 for v2.



  • Dr.GreenThumbsSon I agree with you. I am willing to pay. They need to release something real soon. I think they are gonna lose a lot of users Paid or free. Not good business. Should at least update us on the progress. Glad I have decided to track my garden the old way. Writing things down and using Excel Spreadsheets. So frustrating!! I figure I will give them till the end of summer before I say goodbye to the app for good.


  • Hello Everyone. 

    Here is a quick update on what we've been working on. 

    • Setting up servers in Canada to host Canadian clients data.
    • Complete redesign of the user interface to make it more useful for larger cultivators.
    • Creating user permissions and roles with the app. 
    • Creating a time/labor tracking feature to track grower labor.
    • Working on partnerships and agreements for hardware manufacturing.
    • Custom designing our own hub to integrate our hardware and other 3rd party sensors into the app. 
    • Development of our API system to allow integration with current seed to sale platforms.
    • Advanced task creation and management.
    • Raising more capital to expand the team and grow the company. 

    This is just over the last few months. We are still fully committed to the project and it has our full-time devotion. We made the decision as a company to take everything we learned from GrowBuddy 1.0 and create a whole new better version. That is why we haven't been updating the old version or pushing out releases. Everyone will be getting a brand new, better, stronger, faster GrowBuddy later this year. 

  • Grow Buddy Team,

    Will there be a way for us to toggle off software features that would not apply to those of us who won't be running a large business needing seed to sale tracking, etc.

    Hopefully, we can just set it up to work for any size garden/operation that suits even just the hobby grower taking care of themselves.

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